Sunday, July 25, 2010

July club outing

You can't call it much of a club outing as there were only 5 rigs. And, it was so hot and humid everyone spent most of the time indoors or at the pool.

We are in a campground next to a corn field. They used to say "knee high by the 4th of July" for corn...well this is the 25th of July and this corn is a lot higher than that!!!
It is almost ready to harvest.
Hope all is going welll with you. Have a good week
love to ya
Jim and Linda

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Salt Lake to Denver on I-70

Just a little info.
There is a link to "Nick's blog" here on our blog. The last few days Nick and his wife have been traveling I-70 from Salt Lake City, Utah heading East.
This is the same route we took when we came back to Indiana from Washington. It is a spectacular drive from Salt Lake to Denver with a different view over every hill and around every turn. And the land does turn flat east of Denver, but you are still over 5000 ft up for a few hundred miles.
The drive from Denver to Salt Lake on I-70 is a must do, and if you ever get the it

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Indiana Beach

The weather has been hottttttt and hotter. Yesterday was 102 with 50 pct. humidity.

Linda, Jeff, Lorie, Jamie and Jordan went boating for the day and had a great time. They found a sandbar several miles upriver and spent the day there along with some other boaters.

Here are a few pictures of the amusement park. They have so little room that the large roller coasters are built up off of the ground and other rides are placed below them. The wood coasters are rough, but the new steel Hawg is a great ride….lots of action in a very small space.

This second  picture  shows the one car train upside down!

Indiana beach rides 005

Indiana beach rides 004

Come on Cedar Point!!!!!!

Enjoy your day

love to all of ya

Jim and Linda

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th parade and the “boy’s” birthday

We got here to the Indiana Beach campground on the 3rd. The place is packed, all 500 or so sites.

Lots of tenters and they all seemed to be having a good time.

Indiana Beach parade 008 Indiana Beach parade 009

The amusement park is packed, the water park is over packed….all of the facilities are over taxed. We took the boat out for a cruise but it was even hot out on the water. Today is supposed to be 92 with about 80 percent humidity. You sweat just sitting in a lawn chair in the shade!!!!!!

Yesterday they had a parade. It was supposed to be a bicycle parade, but it was too hot so most of the golf carts were in the parade. Lots of them gave out candy and the boys were there to enjoy.

Indiana Beach parade 001 Indiana Beach parade 002 Indiana Beach parade 003

Indiana Beach parade 004 Indiana Beach parade 007

Yesterday was the boy’s birthday celebration. Indy was 7 and Walker will be 2 on the 13th.

We had a party for them and they each got a can of Little Caesar's dog food with candles. Plus there were cupcakes for the kids and adults.

Indy and Walkers borthday 002 Indy and Walkers borthday 003 Indy and Walkers borthday 004


Indy and Walkers borthday 010 Indy and Walkers borthday 014 Indy and Walkers borthday 016

The boys got two new outfits. One says “it’s my birthday, let’s pawty” The other is just a tank top. Also, lots of treats to eat along with some cans of food , which they rarely get and some new toys.

They each got a little taste of the cupcakes and Walker snuck a lick of the frosting.

Today its a trip into the amusement park. The crowds should be leaving today and Jamie and Jordan and grandpa are real anxious to get on the rides.

Have a great day

Love to all of ya

Jim and Linda