Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just another day

Hi to all of you wonderful friends

Last Saturday we went to my 1954 Holy Cross grade school reunion. There were 87 in the class and about 17 attended the reunion. 12 members are dead.

It was a nice time, I did not remember very many of those that were there, and I was trying to remember of those that were there who were the hotties at that time…..


It is a bad time now for football fans. The spring “organized team activities” are over and its about 2 months to opening of official practice for the Bears and several weeks for ND….what am I to do until than? If I believe all the hype both teams should have a great year….but we have all heard that before.

The weather has made a major change for a few days. Lower temps (72-75 day) and the humidity is down to 60%. But I heard it is going back up into the 90’s by early next week. Great sleeping the last two nights though.

Sunday we will celebrate “the boys” birthdays. Indy’s is the 4th and Walker’s is the 13th. Linda bought them both two new outfits and a can of Mighty Dog gourmet dog food. With cupcakes for the kids and adults.   I know, I know, you don’t have to say it.

Have a great day

Love to all of you

Jim and Linda

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Honey Dipping

We will be here two weeks on Monday. We were going to try and go somewhere for several days, but after checking the Corp of Engineers book, Passport America (50% discount camping), and the Elks books we could not find anyplace cheap.

So today we get to do the RV'er's most favorite job......dump the holding tanks. It's a shitty job, but I have to do it.

My brother is doing much better day by day. His hands look like hands again and not 5 sausages and he says all the other body parts are getting better also. We have played dominos and card games the last 3 nights. Tom asked about a game we both played a lot in bars years ago called tonk rummy. I could not remember how to play, but did find the rules on line. It is a fun game and moves fast. We played for quarters, but Tom says he used to play for dollars.

More rain and humidity in the forecast....we are going to float away if it does not stop.
Have a nice day
love to each and every one of you
Jim and Linda

Thursday, June 24, 2010

In South Bend, IN

Not a lot of new stuff going on.
My brother finally got approved about two months ago to start taking a drug that will clear up his psoriasis. It is a very expensive and very powerful drug. After he took his second shot (self administered) he had a very very severe, serious reaction. His feet, knees, legs and hands swelled up and the skin started peeling off. He was in extreme pain and after many visits to his local doctor they sent him to a specialist in Indianapolis, IN for treatment. That doctor very much impressed Tom and Peg and very soon after he started to recover.
He is doing much better now, but is still a week or so away from returning to work. He actually stopped taking the pain medication the other day and had a beer....first one in three weeks!

Tom and Peg both asked why I did not put a label on the header picture to show where it was taken at....was not sure if I could do that, but as you see, it is now there. Very easy to do.

Next Saturday, the 3rd, we are going with our son and his family to Indiana Beach for a week.

There is a small amusement park a campground and Lake Shafer. It will be a good chance to see if I can still sit in a roller coaster after the knee surgery some 8 years ago. We would love to go to Cedar Point amusement park but have avoided it because I was not sure if I could bend the knees far enough to sit in the coaster train.

Our son bought a "new to them" 19 foot open bow boat that they hope to take with them....if they can get a hitch and transmission cooler put on their Honda mini van. It can pull the weight, but needs a trans cooler.

This Saturday we are going to a reunion of my 1954 graduating class of Holy Cross Catholic grade school!!!!! Now how strange is that. Other than a childhood/grade school/high school friend that has kept in touch I would have no idea who any of these folks are.......should be fun though.
That's about all the news from our side, how about you.
You can reply via the blog or send an email or skype us or call us or send a snail mail or just show up for a visit.

love to all of ya'
Jim and Linda

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Still in Woodstock

Saturday we celebrated Jamie Lee’s 9th birthday. He got to pick what he wanted to do, and we went to the roller skating rink. The boys, our son and daugher in law, her sister and two boys did the skating while us worn out folks watched. It was kind of neat to see a really old skating rink…..reminded us of days past.

The battery in our camera was dead and we looked and looked and looked for the charger, but could not find it. Luckily Linda went on line and was able to order a new one that should be here by Friday….but we missed lots of good shots on Saturday.

Speaking of good shots, here are a couple of oldies. One was taken at a wedding a number of years ago, and the other is a glamour shot taken a long, long time ago….lol

scan0001 scan0003

My son said I should update my I-pod to get the latest software and in the process I removed about 125 cd’s…… how is that for dumb!!! It will take a long time to reload them again. Luckily the cd’s are here at the kids house. Technology is great, but sometimes the user’s are not so great.

love to ya

Jim and Linda

Friday, June 4, 2010

Finally, Portillo’s restaurant

We left South Bend on Memorial day heading towards Woodstock, Il. to our son’s driveway. Ran into lots of traffic and heavy rain which made for a stressful 180 mile drive. Heavy rain, heavy traffic, and lots of big trucks do not make for a fun day. Linda has been salivating for several weeks for a Portillo’s (well in Linda’s case Barnelli’s) chopped salad. After we got lots of hugs and kisses Jeff drove us down to the Portillo/Barnelli restaurant (both are in the same building).

Linda got her chopped salad

portillo's 001

and I got two chili cheese dogs with onions, fries and a large schooner of beer, yummmmmmm

portillo's 002 portillo's 003

Here are Jeff, Lorie, Jamie(orange shirt), Jordan(white shirt), and mr. smiley face.

portillo's 005

Had some problems with my new dish, and also ordered the HD DVR receiver from Directv. A serviceman came out yesterday and got everything working.

and we went back to Portillo/Barnelli again yesterday.

Looks like lots of rain for the next week… if the humidity is not high enough already!!!!! and the mosquito's….oh yea….they are here….

Take care

Love to all of ya

Jim and Linda