Wednesday, September 17, 2014



We left our son’s on August 30th and headed over to South Bend, Indiana to visit with the rest of the family before heading south for the winter.  I always hate “good-byes” knowing that we will not be seeing Jeff, Lorie and the boys until next year.

So, we have been parked in Jim’s brother’s front yard and are having a nice visit with family on this side of the lake.  My sister-in-law, Peggy, has wanted to remodel one of their bathrooms for a couple of years now and is taking advantage of Jim being here to help.  They gutted the bathroom on Sunday and are now in the process of putting it all back together……and, as any of you who have done remodeling work before, you know that everything does not run smoothly…….this is no exception. They had to re-plumb the tub as the old one had a center drain and the new one does not.  Jim HATES plumbing!!!!!  But, hopefully, they will have it finished in a few days and I know it will look great.

Jim also took on another project while we were here.  He had already revised most of the draws in the kitchen by extending them but there was one that he had not done.  I guess he was bored and needed something to do……

draw modification 001    draw modification 002   draw modification 004

I’m not sure you can tell from the pictures but this was a deep draw and he not only extended the length but added two sliding compartments to the inside.  It works great and gives us a lot more storage for all the cooking utensils.

Not much else has been happening here…..the weather is starting to turn……we have had a few nights in the mid 40’s.  We will be leaving here on the 29th to start our journey to Texas with a stop in Eureka Springs, and a couple in Oklahoma to visit the casino and our friends Bob and BJ.  After that it is back to Texas and a few months of gate guarding (have to make up for all the money we spent this summer!!!!!).  We will probably spend February thru middle of May on our lot in Hondo and then our plans are to go to Colorado for June and July and then back to Illinois/Indiana for the fall months.  But, as we all know, plans can change!!!!!

Take care and love to all……

Linda and Jim