Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another catch up

Hi to all of you dear friends
Tonight is reminiscent of several weeks ago. I should say today. Tornado warnings and watches most of the day. I was packed up with the slides in and the dogs and me and the bail out box in the truck ready to go late this morning. It was very dark and the emergency radio was going off. It did finally settle down, for a while. It is now 11:04pm and we are under another tornado warning and the local tv shows severeweather coming in. I put the slides in again and am sitting here with the tv on the weather channel and waiting.

So, from our last update, Dave and Sharon decided to buy a new 5th wheel on Saturday while we were camping with the club. It is about 4 foot longer that their old one, has full body paint and new to the industry 6 point fully automatic leveling are they neat....wish we could afford them. We made arrangements to meet them the following weekend at the same campground to go to the dealer with them, along with Jeff and Lorie and the boys to help them move all of their stuff from one rig to the other. Dave was very generous and offered to buy breakfast and dinner for us.
Over the next few weeks while staying at Jeff and Lorie's they decided to buy a new rig, and spent much time on the Internet looking, along with a couple of several hour trips to look at a few rigs in person. I think that they have finally decided on one.....I think.
We moved 165 miles east to my brothers house in South Bend, IN. last Saturday and will be here for a couple of more weeks visiting with family's. Linda's mom went in for gall bladder surgery this morning and at last report is back home sleeping off the drugs. Everything went well. She was very worried about the surgery, but I told Linda this morning to tell her to "man up" Linda spent last night at her apartment and tonight, so the dogs and I are having a guys two nights.
Have work to do at Linda's brother Kelly's house this weekend. They have a large screen porch that all of the screens were very damaged. They tore them all out last year and we will rebuild and replace all 11 of them (approx. 8 ft x 4 ft each) this weekend.
Kelly and Deb's son Brandon is graduating the following weekend from high school and they are having a party for him at the house, so we want it to look good.
The weekend we leave here (June 10th) we are going to meed our friend Rose and Leroy at the old Empress, now Hollywood casino in Joliet, Il for the weekend.....Jeff and Lorie and the boys will also be there. There is a swimming pool in the hotel that the women and boys can go to while the rest of us are at the casino.
That pretty much brings you up to date. Linda is not here to edit this, so I am on my own.
Hope all is well with you.....drop us a line once in a while......
Welllllllll the rain is starting to come down as I am finishing this......hope we survive the night..

love to you all
Jim and Linda
p.s. looks like the photo in the header is still accurate

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday morning at Gamma and Gampa’s

My boys 002

When we are home, the boys like to spend the night with us……which is a very special time for us.  After breakfast, it is “cartoon” time.  This is Jamie, Jordan and, of course, Walker watching cartoons in our bedroom.


We are enjoying our visit with the kids.  We will be here another week and then onto Indiana/Michigan to visit with the rest of the family and attend our nephew’s graduation.  We will be there for about 3 weeks, then back to Jeff and Lorie’s for a couple of weeks before leaving on a family vacation to Branson, Mo. over the 4th of July.  After that, it will be time to say goodbye to the kids and head for Colorado for the rest of the summer.


Hope you all are enjoying your summer……….