Monday, December 22, 2008

current plans as of Dec. 22

Hi y'all
Good Lord willin' and the ice melts so I can get out of my brothers driveway we will leave here on Saturday the 27th. Going to Tunica, Ms. (South of Memphis about 60 miles) to meet up with some friends and stay until new years. Than head South on US61 towards the Gulf, stopping at a few casinos on the way with our friends. We will end up in New Orleans in a few weeks. Mardi Gras starts the first part of February.

For those of you who do not know, my mom was sick and in the hospital and Linda and I came back from New Orleans to be caregivers. She hung on for almost six weeks and died on Dec. 10th.
We will be back here in South Bend around mid-late April to get the house ready to sell and finish up some loose ends.

We are going to a rv rally in Missouri in late May put on by the Escapees club.

No big plans after than. We still want to do Yellowstone and the Grand Teton's national parks.......and.....this is really depends on a lot of things.........we would like to do the Alaska cruise on Holland America which starts in September(preferably the 19th).

A veranda stateroom(what we really want) would be about $1300 per person plus fuel add on plus excursions, but bar bill....etc Inside room about $700.

We would not want to go by ourselves, and a big party would be great!!!! hint, hint to you all.

Jim and Linda

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jim's dog

Long time no update....
We left Knoxville and moved on to New Orleans. Got to spend two nites there, when we got a call to come back to South Bend, In. to take care of my mom who is terminally ill. We have been here 5 weeks now and it is close to the end.
As you know, our yorkie, Indy, is Lindas dog, and I have been threatening him for a couple of years now, that if he does not start being nice to me, I will get a dog of my own.
Got him on the 9th of Dec. Drove about 50 miles South to a breeder in Indiana. His name is Walker, he is a Maltese and was born on July 13th(same date as my mom), and weights 6 pounds.
He is my dog, but I do share him with Linda. We hope that the two of them(dog's) will get along once Indy stops being so mean to Walker.
We have hopes of leaving her at the end of the month and will head back to New Orleans, via Tunica, Mississippi for a little gambling. We will stay in the southeast until Spring, than come back here to put the house on the market. There is an Escapee club RV rally in Missouri the later part of May that we want to attend.
Drop us a line. If you can't do it here than send it to us at:
Jim and Linda