Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally, the injection

Went back into San Antonio today to finally get the "injection". It was actually four different shots in my lower spine that is supposed to help remove the inflamation of the nerves so that they will fit into the reduced size opening in the spine caused by the arthritis.

I went in last Tuesday for the shot but told the person making the appointment that it would be fine with just a local pain killer before the "injection" Upon getting into the room the doctor would not do the shot without knocking me out. After much debate they agreed to do the "injection" today if I had a driver to drive me home

I woke up just fine, but Linda drove anyway and we stopped for a big breakfast. Linda drove back to Hondo and we did grocery shopping, than I drove the rest of the way home.
No noticeable changes that I can tell yet. The doctor said the shot helps those with disc problems, but not so much for arthritis. I guess only a little time will tell.

We leave D'Hanis TX tomorrow morning heading towards Louisiana. Two days later that we planned. That is why rv'er's always say plans are written in jello.

Should be back in Illinois about May 18. We will enjoy a roundabout trip with stops in Abbeville, LA, New Orleans, Natchez, MS, Tupelo, MS, Tunica, MS.

Hope all is well with you
Love to all of ya, as always
Jim and Linda

Monday, April 22, 2013

Time for an update

half of  my regular readers of two told me I needed to do an update.
We arrived at the SKP park in D'Hanis, TX. Got cleaned up and went out to dinner. Our first time eating out together in five months. Also the first time riding in the truck together in five months.

I had scheduled an appointment with an Orthopedic and spine doctor on the 5th and after that appointment we decided to do our anniversary dinner than instead of driving back in the next day.
We went to a restaurant called Saltgrass. They have 5 in San Antonio and several scattered around Texas. Linda wanted crab cakes and I wanted a steak. Both were excellent. The service was excellent. The bill was excellent as everything is ale cart

On the 8th Linda flew back to Illinois and, as usual, she got delayed. She hates to fly as every time she does she has problems. Our daughter in law Lorie has double mastectomy surgery on the 9th voluntarily. Both her mother and maternal grandmother died of breast cancer.Linda is staying at their house to help with the boys and to be there for Lorie. Linda is scheduled to return on the 25th. But, that may get delayed

We will find out tomorrow.

I went back into the doctors for x-rays and an MRI. The MRI shows that the channel in my spine for the nerves to travel has grown significantly smaller. It should be about the size of my little finger and is actually about the size of a pencil. This is what is causing all of the problems. I also think that sitting around for five months and not doing much has caused the muscles to atrophy some.

I have been going to rehabilitation at the Hondo hospital 3 days a week to strengthen and decompress my lower back. I have about a 45 minute exercise routine that I have to do twice a day
Tomorrow morning I go in to the doctor for an injection that is supposed to reduce the swelling of the nerves in my spine. They will give me a local shot to numb the area and than the injection.

If all goes well, and Linda returns as scheduled we will leave here on Sunday the 28th and start heading East for several days making a few stops and than North making a few more stops to Woodstock, IL getting there around the 17th of May.

I think that brings you up to date on us.  How about you???

Love to all of ya