Friday, October 29, 2010

The STORM and other stuff

Hi dear friends
We finally got our notice for what they call a "meet and greet" for Monday. Thats where we go to meet all of the Amazon people, get picture taker for badge, and get questions answered. Also find out when we work and where.
Wednesday we went with Jim and Bobbie to the Corvette museum in Bowling Green, about a 75 mile drive. Nice museum with lots of nice cars...than on to Ryan's buffet for a late lunch.
The big storm that went across the country caused a lot of wind here but no damage...the people working at Amazon were sent to the tornado shelter, but here at the campground we were able to stand at the edge of the cliff and watch the storm coming in.
Here are a couple of pictures of our campsite on the side of a hill. I was rather exciting getting onto the site as the trailer tipped way over coming in...the front bottom of the trailer damaged the rub rail on the top of the truck bed...
I am posting this not using live writer, so the picture are all going to the top of the page so you will have to figure out which ones are which....should be easy. Next time I will not be so lazy, and use live writer to do the post.
Hope you have a great weekend
Love to all of you
Jim and Linda

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Campbellsville, Kentucky

Hi All

We decided Monday evening that we would start heading north to Campbellsville. Got here yesterday after 820 miles driving in two days.....that is a lot for us.

The campground we are in is old and hilly, and the site we are on I should have never got us on. Not sure how we will get out of it.

But, we are here with old and new friends. Had our first happy hour yesterday after Jim and Bobbie got home from work. Met back up with Tom and Nancy, and met new friends Rich and Terry.

The eight of us will be working at Amazon and will all be at Betty's rv park in Abbyville, LA for mardi gras in February.

Hope all is going well for you

drop us a line when you can

Love to all of ya

Jim and Linda

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bushnell, Florida

Wednesday we drove back across the state to Bushnell, which is an Escapee park.  We will spend a week here before heading north to Campbellsville, KY. We will be there on the 24th to start our stay and go to work on the 31st.

Took a few pictures of the park for you. The trees are young Live oaks and the moss hanging from them is a scavenger plant that lives on the trees. It does not harm the trees. These are very common trees in the southwest and mature ones are very spectacular looking.

Taking like easy this week, resting up for work.

Hope you are having a good day’

Love to ya all

Jim and Linda

Bushnell 002 Bushnell 003 Bushnell 004 Bushnell 005 Bushnell 006 Bushnell 008

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disneyworld and beyond

We arrived at Fort Wilderness Sunday and proceeded to our site. As usual at Disney, it was kind of tight getting into the site and it took several moves back and forward to get in the right spot. Jeff, Lorie and the boys got to their hotel and changed rooms two times because of the love bugs. First room was infested with them.

Sunday evening we went to downtown Disney and had dinner at Planet Hollywood….jam packed with people, food pretty good, not cheap. Walking around was extremely crowded and filled with people moving in every direction.

Monday we headed to Magic Kingdom. We had booked our vacation almost a year in advance with the idea that it would be off season and the park would not be crowded….oh my, how wrong we were. Disney figured that they were going to end the year in the red, so decided to offer special packages to help fill up the park…..well they did succeed!!!

magic kingdom 2010 012magic kingdom 2010 017 magic kingdom 2010 015 magic kingdom 2010 008 magic kingdom 2010 016 magic kingdom 2010 006

We did have  a good time and we were able to “fast pass” some of the rides to avoid long lines. I went back home about 5pm, but the rest of them stayed till closing which was 11pm.

Tuesday was Epcot which was not quite as packed, but still lots of people. They have a wine and food tasting going on in each of the countries and we ate at several of the booths….very expensive with a small portion of food averaging about $5.50 and a 12oz beer about $6.

1st day at Disney 006 epcot 2010 001 epcot 2010 005 epcot 2010 007 epcot 2010 003

Wednesday was a down day and the kids came over to our trailer and went swimming at the pool. We had picked up stuff for hamburgers on the grill and we enjoyed a nice day.

Thursday back to the rat race at Hollywood Studio which we all agreed was about the least nicest park of the four. We did enjoy the stunt show.

 hollywood studios 001 hollywood studios 004

Friday was Animal Kingdom where we rode the new coaster 4 times in one hour!!!! A great ride. Than took the animal safari ride, which is a nice way to relax from all of the crowds.

hollywood studios 006 hollywood studios 013 hollywood studios 016 hollywood studios 023

Saturday was another down day spent at the trailer. The boys went swimming again and we had another cookout with steak and pork chops.

Sunday we all left. Linda and I headed to an RV park in Daytona Beach to visit with our niece and her boyfriend who live in Port Orange. Unfortunately, Paige was in North Carolina with his parents and we did not get to visit with him this time.  Ally and Paige have completed chiropractic school and Ally has passed her boards and is now Dr. Ally.  Paige graduated in September but still has to take his boards.

hollywood studios 032 hollywood studios 035 hollywood studios 033

We did stop at Daytona International Speedway, but it was $20 per person to do the “Daytona experience” which was a couple of movies and some cars and a tour of the track….but none of us are NASCAR fans so we did not pop for the $20.

hollywood studios 025 hollywood studios 026 hollywood studios 028

We are spending another night here, than moving on to Bushnell, FL. to stay at the Escapee park there for a week before starting to head North to get to Campbellsville, KY.

Love to ya all

Jim and Linda

Friday, October 1, 2010

Much further south

Today we drove from Knoxville to Perry, GA., about 350 miles in 6 hours.
We are at a Passport America campground for $18 a night with full hookup and good view for the satellite. As usual, lots of traffic around Atlanta, GA. and lots of very shifty wind.....have I ever mentioned wind before??????...well maybe only 20 or 30 times. It was a pain in the rectal orafice and was a constant stuggle to stay in one lane....but we survived.
Tomorrow a short day, only about 150 miles to Florida and than 180 miles to Disney.

Have a great day and as usual
love to all you bum's.

Jim and Linda

our neighbor came over to warn us about the love bugs which are very active this time of year in this part of the world....said to get Bounce fabric softener sheets and clean them off as soom as possible otherwise they stain your rig. Oh, happy days!!!!