Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Tuesday

It seems very strange to watch a Chicago Bears football game while drinking coffee! They played last night and I stayed up for the  first half and recorded the rest of the game. And watched it this morning starting at 4am. Glad I got to watch it as it as they beat the Cowboys.
Still strange to not be drinking beer while watching the game.
Things are still pretty slow here and it looks like some of the crew will be taking off Dec. 22-25. I would think that there will still be people in and out. They have to check the wells and record readings and flows.

Gail, our fellow gate guard at the railroad tracks, made us a very nice wreath which we put in the window

Here are a couple of pictures of their site which is at the tracks. They have to get out of their motorhome and check for any vehicle coming or going and be right at the tracks for vehicles with trailers.

The road slopes pretty good and they had to put wood under their front jacks to raise the front end high enough to be level. By than the front tires were off of the ground so they put a railroad tie under the tires......
I took this picture of one of the rigs and it is unusual in that the tractor has 5 axes and the trailer 4 axles. We see a lot of 4 axle tractors but very few 5
This is the back of the tractor, 4 axles plus the front axle

And as a finish, what else, sunsets. We get to see these every day as the rear of the trailer is facing west,  so we can see the sunset out of the back window.

Hope you are having a great day
Love to all of ya
Jim and Linda

Monday, December 2, 2013


We have been here about a week and a half now and things are pretty slow. Our busiest day was 50 in/outs and our slowest was Thanksgiving and the day after with only 8 hits. We are hoping that it will start to pick up after the holiday. One of the reasons it is slow is that it is hunting season down here and some companies close down for part of hunting season. 
Since it is so slow and I was bored this morning I thought I would give you a look at some of the tools of gate guarding.
Here you have the clip board and log sheet. We added the reading light and watch with luminous dial for night work, and of course the trusty pen. I/we do not always wear the hat. It depends on how sunny it is out.
I wanted to get a picture of the vest that we have to wear at all times while working. You will get a hoot out of these. I sure did when I looked at them. I should get some kind of reward for publishing these. I think that this is a case of the Polish American engineer strikes again!!!! (lol)

And here a sunrise picture since I have not posted any this year yet.
I think the sunrise/sunsets are so much prettier down here because of the layer of clouds that seems to hang over the area. We are only about 90 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and there almost always is this layer of clouds. Anyway that's my theory, and I am sticking to it.
 The last one is taken from the road (hwy281 alt)
Hope you have a wonderful week
Love to all of ya
Jim and Linda