Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Florence, Oregon

A couple of days ago we moved from Lincoln City to Florence……all of 72 miles, but it took almost 2 hours because of all of the bends in the road.

We are at an Elks club campground, which is all paved, but only $15 a night. Very active club with lots of stuff going on. Also a casino about a 1 1/2 miles away, which Jim and I went to yesterday. I actually won $40…..

Sunday we took a little drive north to see the sights we missed driving down……it was rainy and foggy, but we enjoyed it and took some pictures in the rain and fog……a different view of the ocean.

The Oregon coast is very spectacular, and much different from an ocean coast anywhere else in the USA, but…..the weather normally sucks this time of year and there is lots of rain and fog. Here are a few pix of the overcast day.

Florence Oregon 001Florence Oregon 002Florence Oregon 014Florence Oregon 004

I know, more ocean pictures. But  we just want you to see the beauty of the coast.

Monday we did almost the same drive but it was sunny out. We went to Heceta Head lighthouse. It is another neat place that I will post a few pictures of .

Florence Oregon 031Florence Oregon 033Florence Oregon 034

Here are a few pictures of the light itself. It is what they call a freznel lens…but not sure of the spelling. It was invented by some Frenchmen in the 1800’s and magnified the light so it shone much further out to sea. It is very thick glass with lots of priszms(sp) and is made up of about 350 pieces.

Florence Oregon 036

currently it is an electric light, but originally it was oil, and had to be wiped down every day to get the soot off.Florence Oregon 037Florence Oregon 040Florence Oregon 038Florence Oregon 039

these last two are part of the original mechanism that made the light go around….now it is driven by an electric motor

If you want to see more pictures go to:


Hopefully we will move on tomorrow to Coos Bay and stay at a casino for two nights….

As usual, you can click on any picture to enlarge it.

Hope you are enjoying the trip as much as we are.

Hey…..you do know that we love you…..right!!!

Jim and Linda