Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jackson, MS

We left Tunica this morning and ended up at Le Fleur’s Bluff state park in Jackson, MS. We got the old people discount and it cost us $13 for the night. Only about 38 sites, but most are on the water and it is very pretty. We, along with the Chapman’s had our happy hour after arriving which was about 2 pm.

Here are a couple of picture of the area. It really very nice.

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Oh, by the way, for those of you in cold weather, it was 58 and sunny and we sat outside for happy hour….cocktails and snacks

love ya

Jim and Linda

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tunica, MS

When we got to Tunica it was 48 degrees and sunny!!!!! It was supposed to get into the mid 50's yesterday and sunny....not......the wind was blowing 10-20mph and it was cold, not near as cold as Campbellsville, but cold. Yesterday evening it started warming up, and this morning it was 54 at 7:30am. But overcast.
I am not having great luck at the casino. I am slowly know, win some lose more.

Great news is that the Chicago Bears clinched their division last night!!!!


have a great day
love to ya
Jim and Linda

Monday, December 20, 2010

Done with Amazon

Hi All

Our last day of work was Friday, the 17th. Amazon released us early, and we still get our $250 each bonus.


That was the only reason we stayed. It was damn cold in Campbellsville. RV’s are not made for really cold weather. Lots of folks had problems with frozen water lines in their rigs. Lots of them do not know how to deal with cold weather in an RV. During the coldest part,  it was down to 5 degrees!!! We had two electric heaters, a 600btu propane heater and our 35000btu furnace going. We kept lower cabinet doors open and ran a fan in the cabinets to keep water lines from freezing. We went thru a 30 lb ( 7 gallon ) propane tank in about 30 hours!!! The average was about 48 hours.


We, along with Jim and Bobbie Chapman, went thru several scenarios about when we would leave, and on Friday after a few cocktails we decided to leave about noon on Saturday.

All was going well…we got everything stowed for travel, got the rigs hooked up and I pulled off of my site first, to give Jim more room to maneuver. When he tried to leave his trailer brakes were locked up…After a number of attempts to move he unhooked the electric line from the truck to the trailer and he was able to move. He called the local RV dealer and was told that sometimes you can back up the trailer and the brakes will release. Tried that. Several times. Finally the RV park owner, Rocky, came over to help and troubleshooted (is that a word) the problem. The electric lines that ran under the truck had gotten pinched between the frame and a spring hanger and shorted out. With lots of help he got the line out and cut out the bad parts and re-spliced the line. We were good to go!!

We spent the night west of Nashville having only driven about 150 miles. But it was late by now and we were all tired.

Sunday morning we get ready to leave and our bedroom slide would not come in… power to the motor. I could not find the problem and had to unhook the motor from the gear train and Jim and I pushed the slide in. Now without the motor to hold it in, it would come right back out going down the highway. We cobbled together a couple of 2x8’s to make a temporary block to put between the slide and the trailer wall and headed towards Tunica, MS.

We got here with no additional problems and our friends Rose and Leroy were also here.  Leroy ran a major gas station and did mechanical work all his life so he started trouble shooting   my problem and found a fuse that I could not find. It was bad. Today I will get some fuses, get the motor hooked back up and we will be good to go. 

Maybe now we can enjoy a couple of days of nice 55-60 degree weather before heading towards southern Alabama for a while

It was 48 degrees and sunny when we got here and all four of us just enjoyed the warmth. We stood outside and had a few beers to celebrate.

Merry Christmas to all of you

we love you, each and every one

Jim and Linda