Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another catch up blog post

On day twelve we met up with Jeff and Lorie at a campground in Egg Harbor, WI. We spent 4 days wandering around Door county exploring the gift shops and restaurants. Cherry's are very big up here and you can but just about anything with cherry's in it. We bought some cherry salsa and a cherry pie. Also bought some olive oil, that is locally made. It is good with fresh bakery bread.

From Egg Harbor we all moved about 150 miles to Green Lake, WI., which is on, of course, Green Lake. The lake is very very large and the deepest in Wisconsin. The downside is that our campground was not on the lake. It was about a 5 minute drive away. They did have a boat slip, so did not have to take the boat in and out every day. All in all pretty uneventful. Ate out a couple of times. No scenic drives as this is pretty boring country.

Than it was back to Woodstock where we are in the kids driveway again. Jeff and Lorie have been looking for a new, larger, building for about a year and finally found one that is only two doors down from their current location. They have been very busy at work and picked up a new customer that will double the size of the business. They are both working a lot of hours getting quotes, designs and quality control items taken care of. Plus, they have to plan for the move. They have to have all new electric and have footings poured for the bigger presses. And a million other things that have to be done.

Linda has been very busy looking after the boys, Jamie and Jordan. She takes them to movies and miniature golf and bike riding and anything else they come up with.

I have been to see several doctors. And after seeing a specialist on back and spinal issues the conclusion is that there is nothing that can be done. Unless the pain gets so bad that surgery would be the only way to go. That will be a last resort type of thing. Right now the pain is not bad, mostly just a dull ache most of the time, but if I move the wrong way or do something that requires lifting it can get more severe.

Monday we will be taking the trailer and heading up to the Wisconsin Dells area to meet up with Lorie and the boys. This weekend is a camping club weekend and we are not going. On Sunday, Jeff will move the trailer up to the Dells and come back home and work all week. Lorie is taking her computer and printer with them and will be working from the trailer. Jeff will be up late Friday and spend the rest of the weekend boating.

That is about it. The summer is going by really fast. We are patiently waiting for tomatoes to get ready to eat as we all love fresh off the vine tomatoes....just wish they were available all year.
Hope your summer is going well. Drop us a line if you can. Would love to hear from you.
Love to all of ya
Jim and Linda