Sunday, August 19, 2012

How quicky the summer passes

The summer is moving along very fast, already it is Mid August. We are back at our son and daughter in laws house in Woodstock, IL. This next weekend is another club weekend, our next to the last one of this year.
I keep talking of being back in our sons, or my brothers driveways, and finally took a picture of them
This is at my brothers place. After pulling off of the highway, we have to pull into a bank driveway, back out going the other  way and back down 1/4 mile of road and make the turn into their drivewayl
and this is our son's place. They added the new parking area this year, widening out the old one and adding electric and water for us. Plus a hookup for their trailer as well.

Before we left South Bend this last time our sister in law Peggy made us a traditional Polish wedding supper. This consisted of Polish sausage, fried chicken, mashed potatoes and Polish noodles with gravy, sweet and sour cabbage, and rolls.Thanks Peg for a great meal.
South Bend has/had one of the largest Polish communities in the US, second only to Chicago in size. Over the years we went to a lot of Polish weddings, including my first wedding, and this was the traditional meal served, family style. There used to be several butchers in South Bend that made Polish wedding sausage, but today there is only one. As the old Polish die away, the traditions die with them. Now all of the Polish bars and restaurants are closed or reopened as Mexican bars and restaurants.

Linda and I went to the RV hall of fame and museum a couple of weeks ago for an rv show. The admission price included the museum which I have wanted to see for a very long time. It was well worth the wait. It was laid out in an camping setup with rv's on both sides of an aisle that meandered thru the building, with picnic tables and bushes scatterd around. They had the very first rv's to the latest and greatest and a lot of them were open to go into. Quite an experience to go into some of these very small rv's after living in a very large one for so many years.

In two months we will be heading back to Texas to start gate guarding again. Hope to do about 5 months this time.
It has been an unusual summer, what with the drought and all, with no mosquitos or other flying critters that bite. It has been nice to sit out and enjoy the outdoors without tons of bug spray on.

Hope your summer has been good.
Love to all of ya
Jim and lInda