Tuesday, February 18, 2014



Back several days ago Betty said something about not having a date for the ball and she needed a stick man to dance with.

After a meeting of the “Governing Body of the Body of the Governors” where I presented a drawing of proposed stick man we agreed to meet again to discuss this issue. (The main order of business is to drink bloody mary’s while the women are gone of some important mission.

After much discussion at happy hour I proceeded with the creation of “Woody” as he has been named. Using scrap wood from Betty’s shed and some new lumber from Lowes I got his legs, feet and body done.


Bettys 2014-1 003Bettys 2014-1 013

Bettys 2014-1 016

Woody has 4 swivel casters under is feet to make him easy to move around the dance floor.  Betty bought a suit and shirt and one of the women made his tie and hat band and pocket square.His head is a wig mannequin with a mardi gras mask that has been painted with teeth, and even a gold tooth.

woody 006woody 009woody 008

It was a fun project and the women are going to have a great time with Woody at the ball.


Sunday, February 16, 2014




Well, as usual, we are behind on the blog.  Although, not a lot has happen since the last update.

Because of the weather, we didn’t leave Whitsett until the 25th of January with intentions on stopping in Houston for a few days.  Unfortunately, due to all the construction and pipeline workers we were unable to find a campground in the Houston area.  So, we headed further east to Beaumont, Texas and found a place to stay there.  From there, we did take a drive down to Port Arthur, Texas and visited The Museum of the Gulf Coast.  Their claim to fame is that it is the home of Janis Joplin.

port arthur 009

This is a replica of her car.  Now, she was not one of my favorite artists so I was not all that impressed.

Unfortunately, the town itself is pretty run down.

port arthur 012port arthur 014port arthur 015

They did has a couple of historical homes.  We did not take the tours of them but did drive by:

port arthur 016port arthur 017

We finally left Beaumont on the 2nd of February and met up the the Chapman’s at the Coushatta Casino in Kinder, Louisiana.  They have a very nice campground there and I was actually lucky at the slots and won $100.00!!!!!

We are now at Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, Louisiana and getting prepared for Mardi Gras.  A fun time for all!!!!!!

Take care…….


Linda and Jim