Tuesday, October 7, 2014



We left South Bend on September 29th with plans to go to Nashville, Indiana, Metropolis, Illinois, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Tahlequah, Oklahoma, Thackerville, Oklahoma and finally to Hondo, Texas.  What do they say about “best laid plans”.  We made it to Nashville and spent a couple of days at Brown County State Park.  Nashville is a “crafty/artsy” little town which we had visited many years ago and is still that way.  We wondered around the shops and had lunch and enjoyed a beautiful fall day.  The state park is very nice and if we had been a couple of weeks later, the fall colors would have been beautiful.

2014-09-30 11.16.14     2014-09-30 11.33.59

Our next stop was Metropolis, Illinois to meet up with our friends LeRoy and Rose who were on their way back home to Illinois….but we had few days to kill and spent 4 days at Kentucky Dam Village State Park just east of Paducah, Kentucky.  We went into Paducah and wondered around the historic district and had lunch at a very nice Mexican restaurant down there.

2014-10-02 12.18.15

We left there Sunday, October 5th with plans on meeting LeRoy and Rose at Fort Massac State Park in Metropolis.  We arrived at the park, pulled into a site, got set up, plugged in the electric and…..no power.  Okay…..we moved to three different sites…..no power. We kept tripping the ground fault on the electric pedestal..  Okaaaay……now what to do!  Leroy and Rose were on their way so we called them and told them we were having problems and to just meet us at the Casino there in Metropolis (oh yeah…..forgot to tell you that we were meeting them to do a little gambling).  So, we drove to the Casino and dry camped in the parking lot.  LeRoy and Rose got there and we did a little catching up before heading over to the Casino.  Had dinner at one of the worst buffets we had ever eaten at, did some gambling (I won $24 and Jim won $85) went back to the trailer and Jim and LeRoy started checking the electric.  This is were I will let Jim take over as I still don’t understand what the  issue is:

“Leroy and I did a lot of checking for continuity and grounds and could find no issues. Something is causing the ground fault to trip but it is going to take someone with more skills than Leroy and I to find it. Hopefully the rv repair guy at our campground will have better luck.”

The next morning we got up and went to breakfast at Huddle House, said our good-byes and this is where the plan changed. Neither one of us felt comfortable knowing that we had some sort of electrical problem with the trailer so we decided to just head straight to Hondo and hopefully our local repair guy will be able to figure out what is wrong.  We should be in Hondo by Thursday…..get everything checked out…..and head down to Whitsitt to do some gate guarding by the 1st of November.

The ups and downs of living on the road…….

Take care and love to all……


Linda and Jim