Friday, October 21, 2011

Coyote rock rv park

Today we moved about a mile south the a different rv park.

We were staying at an Elks campground south of Lincoln City, we we by ourselves most of the time and while it was a nice setting we wanted to move on.

Coyote Rock Rv park 001Coyote Rock Rv park 002

We moved about a mile south to the Siletz river and our campsite is right on the river. Much prettier views. When we pulled in the owner came in to get his camera as some fishermen just came in.

Here is the address in case you want to look it up.

1676 Silety Hwy Lincoln city, Or

Coyote Rock Rv park 004Coyote Rock Rv park 005

here is our campsite and a few pictures of the fishermen out for salmon.

Coyote Rock Rv park 006Coyote Rock Rv park 007Coyote Rock Rv park 008Coyote Rock Rv park 009Coyote Rock Rv park 010Coyote Rock Rv park 011Coyote Rock Rv park 012this guy just came in notice the fish on the dockCoyote Rock Rv park 013this is a harbor seal, sorry its kind of blurrrrrrrrryCoyote Rock Rv park 014Coyote Rock Rv park 015

We only paid for one night as we were not sure how good the cell and internet service would be as we are back a couple of miles off the main road and are surrounded by hills. But everything is good including satellite signal. We will probably stay here a week.

Hope you are enjoying the trip

Love to ya

Jim and Linda

Yaquina Head light house

Yesterday we drove down to Newport, OR to see the two Yaquina head light houses. The original one was only in service for three years as the light was not far enough out in the bay and was rebuilt about a mile and a half north.The first one was built in 1873.

Yaquina Head lighthouse 030Yaquina Head lighthouse 031Yaquina Head lighthouse 032

It has been restore by the local historical society and the Corp of Engineers. Very unusual as the light is built into the house for the light keeper and his family.

The new one has also been restored, but the house and all of the outbuildings have been destroyed. Spectacular view of the coast.

Yaquina Head lighthouse 002Yaquina Head lighthouse 006Yaquina Head lighthouse 005The circular stairway going up  104 steps.

 Yaquina Head lighthouse 013and downYaquina Head lighthouse 007The original light was oil and was very hard to keep clean because of all of the soot…Yaquina Head lighthouse 008Yaquina Head lighthouse 014Yaquina Head lighthouse 015Yaquina Head lighthouse 018Yaquina Head lighthouse 023Yaquina Head lighthouse 025Yaquina Head lighthouse 034Yaquina Head lighthouse 035this is the bridge on the south side of Newport and some pictures of the fishing fleet

Yaquina Head lighthouse 038Yaquina Head lighthouse 041Yaquina Head lighthouse 043

and some crab potsYaquina Head lighthouse 040

There are thousands of these pots in this area alone

Today we are moving about two miles south.

love to ya

Jim and Linda

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

DePoe Bay, Oregon

Yesterday we packed a lunch, the dogs, a couple of books to read, the camera and binoculars and drove down to Boiler bay, which is just north of the town of DePoe Bay. They have a resident pod of whales living in the area…somewhere….

I got some great shots of waves crashing on the rocks and we kept checking to see if we could see any spouts or whales. After a couple of hours of reading and looking, a couple of whale watching boats came by loaded down with passengers and we figured we had better start looking more closely.

With the binoculars we spotted a spout and finally the back of a whale….a few minutes more and another spout and more of the whale and finally the fins came up in the air as it went down……

Did not get a picture of the whale, it happened too fast.

I took a lot of pictures of the same area to show you the different looks when the waves are crashing onto the rocks.


Depoe Bay Oregon 027Depoe Bay Oregon 029Depoe Bay Oregon 034Depoe Bay Oregon 037Depoe Bay Oregon 035Depoe Bay Oregon 036Depoe Bay Oregon 031Depoe Bay Oregon 011Depoe Bay Oregon 032

Our 18-55mm zoom lens kind of died on us (the motor in the lens is malfunctioning) so we ordered a new lens on line. It showed up today. Other than that, no news for today. We are just vegging, reading and playing Zinga poker on Facebook.

Take care

love to ya

Jim and Linda

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finally, the Oregon coast

We left Kelso, WA. and went back thru Astoria on our way to Tillamook, OR. where we stayed at a cheap campground for a few days.

Thru all of this, Jim and Bobbie continued to have problems with their truck. After much frustration, Jim called the local Chevy dealer who told him flat out that he could not help him as he was short handed. The next closest dealer was back toward Astoria and Jim made an appointment with them for today (Oct. 17th). They confirmed that the problem was injectors on the Duramax diesel and, long story short, told him that they thought that Chevy would cover part of the cost. It turns out that they will cover about $1500 of the approximate $4000 dollar cost. But, it will take a week to get parts.

We left Jim and Bobbie in Tillamook last Saturday morning and are staying by ourselves in Lincoln City, OR. for several days at an Elks club.

So….without further ado, I will show you some of the Oregon coast in all its magnificent splendor:

Oregon coast Tilamook 008Oregon coast Tilamook 009Oregon coast Tilamook 020Oregon coast Tilamook 023Oregon coast Tilamook 025Oregon coast Tilamook 027Oregon coast Tilamook 040Oregon coast Tilamook 029Oregon coast Tilamook 055Oregon coast Tilamook 050Oregon coast Tilamook 055Oregon coast Tilamook 063Oregon coast Tilamook 068Oregon coast Tilamook 079Oregon coast Tilamook 083Oregon coast Tilamook 100

That is just a small area. We did a trip today (Oct. 17) that has even more spectacular stuff…..we are going to sit out on a point south of Lincoln City in the next few days to have a picnic lunch and watch for whales. There are more pictures on Picasa if you want to look at them.

I almost forgot to tell you about Walker. The carpet on our steps going outside was getting pretty dirty, so Linda took it off. When Walker went out one time he must have gotten his toenail caught in one of the holes and tore the nail almost all the way off. We took him to a vet and they did surgery and removed the nail. He now has a bandage on his owie, but seems to be moving around just fine. We took the bandage off after the 5 days, and it started bleeding again, so we are now rebandaging it as necessary

Oregon coast Tilamook 015Oregon coast Tilamook 016

That gets you pretty much up to date except for today.

If you have trouble with the link let me know….not sure how to fix it thou..

love to ya

Jim and Linda