Thursday, August 21, 2014



Well, here we are already thinking about heading south for the winter.  The summer has just flown by!

After our trip to French Lick, Indiana we stayed in Michigan/Indiana for another couple of weeks.  My brother and sister-in-law, Danny and Dee Dee came up from Virginia for a couple of days and we go to have a nice visit with them.  We then headed back to Illinois and Jim had his knee surgery on July 21st.  They actually had to do more “repair” work than what was originally anticipated but all went well.  He spent 3 days in the hospital and then one week at a re-hab facility.  He is now doing out-patient therapy and will continue with than thru the end of the month.  His goal is to be able to go up and down steps without needing to pull himself up…..otherwise, like a normal person.  So far… good…..  He also paid a visit to a gastroenterologist because he was having some stomach issues.  After having a endoscopy it was determined that he has GERDS (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) which has developed into Barrett’s Esophagus and his stomach lining was inflamed due to the acid reflux.  Treatment for this is a daily pill which controls the acid reflux.  There is not a cure but it can be treated with medication and watching his diet.

Even with Jim’s surgery, we ended up with a major project on the RV. Our son, Jeff, was out visiting with us one evening (for those of you that don’t know, we park in their driveway when we are in Illinois) and noticed that there was a lot of give in our floor.  The consensus was to pull up the floor and see what the problem was.  So, Jeff started in on what turned into a lot of work for him!  The complete floor, carpet and wood, was pulled up and screws were installed to pull the sub-floor down and attached back to the frame work under the trailer.

DSCN2081   DSCN2082   DSCN2086

We decided not to put carpet back in and do wood laminate flooring throughout, with the exception of the slide which we ordered new carpeting for.  As you can see, Jeff did a beautiful job and we love our new floors.  We can’t thank you enough sweetheart for all your work….YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!

DSCN2089    DSCN2093   DSCN2095

Since we were doing all new floors, we also had to re-build the stairs which was Jim’s project and they turned out beautiful also.  It looks and feels like we have a new rig!!!!


And after adding a area rug…..this is the final result

DSCN2099   DSCN2097

A lot on my time this summer was spent with our grandsons, Jamie and Jordan.  We all love to play miniature golf so we did that and just hung out together.  I so enjoy my time with them…..they are so much fun……

We are planning on leaving here as soon as Jim finishes physical therapy and go back to Michigan/Indiana for a few weeks and then eventually back to our lot in Hondo, Texas for a few weeks before heading back to the gate guarding for a couple of months.

That brings us up to date……

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Take care and love to all…..

Linda and Jim