Thursday, June 26, 2014


A few months ago we decided to do a little mini-trip with Jim’s brother and sister-in-law, Tom and Peggy to French Lick, Indiana.  We arrived back in South Bend on Friday, June 20th and left Monday, June 23rd for our five hour drive south.  Our thoughts were that this would be a little resort town with cute shops and eateries as there are two huge resorts in the area:  French Lick Resort and West Baden Springs Resort.  Well, much to our dismay, this was not the case.  The only draw to this little town are the resorts!!!  We did manage to find a pizza place on Monday night for dinner and then we drove over to the West Baden Springs Resort, which was definitely worth seeing….this place was beautiful (although, according to Tom, who did not appreciate the architecture, opulence and grandeur, it was, in his words “a dump”).  I will let you all form your own opinions:

DSCN2027   DSCN2019   DSCN2021   DSCN2023   DSCN2025   DSCN2028   DSCN2029   DSCN2031   DSCN2033 

                                                                                                         This is the ceiling of the atrium


Now you all tell me what your thoughts are……….

After that we drove over to the French Lick Resort, which is also quite beautiful, and while Peggy and I wondered around the resort, Jim and Tom headed to the casino.

DSCN2035   DSCN2036

There was a Model “A” Restoration Convention in town and it was quite a sight to see all these old cars driving around town with their owners dressed appropriately for the era.

DSCN2037   DSCN2038

We met a gentlemen at our hotel who was there for the convention and he offered to take Tom for a ride in his car……Tom was very excited about that…..

DSCN2040   DSCN2041   DSCN2042

Tuesday morning we got up and were wondering what we were going to do for the whole day.  Oh, I forgot to tell you that it rained off and on the whole time were were there.  But, we decided we would drive down to Corydon, Indiana and tour the Indiana Caves.  The tour was nice and for Tom, who had never been on a cave tour before, it was interesting.

DSCN2048   DSCN2053   DSCN2056

Tuesday evening we were going to go miniature golfing but, unfortunately, it rained again….so we ended up back at the casino and deposited some more of our money.

Wednesday morning we go up and, of course, since this was the day that we were to leave, it was beautiful.   But, we did not waste the day…..on our way out of town we followed the signs for Lark Valley Zip Lines… was the highlight of our trip!!!!  All four of us went…..yes, even Jim with his bad knees…..and we had a blast as the pictures will show.  I cannot thank our guides, George and Garrett, enough.  They were wonderful and we would all go back and do it again……

DSCN2057   DSCN2058   DSCN2063   DSCN2064    DSCN2065   DSCN2067   DSCN2068   DSCN2069   We could not post the videos, but they are on Facebook

Remember you can click to enlarge.

Take care and love to all

Linda and Jim

Tuesday, June 10, 2014




We arrived in Woodstock, Illinois on May 21st, got the trailer set up here at our son’s house, packed up our Grandsons, Jamie and Jordan, and headed to my brother’s in Washington, DC.  This was the second trip to the DC area for the boys and they had specific things they wanted to see this time around.  They both wanted to tour the Pentagon and my brother was able to get us tickets for that.  Unfortunately, no photos at the Pentagon but we were able to take some in the 9/11 Memorial Garden:


Jamie wanted to go back to the National Archives

DSCN1974    Jordan did not get to go up in the Washington Monument on his last trip as the earthquake damage was being repaired.  Fortunately, they had just re-opened and we were able to in this time   DSCN1991  DSCN1995

Jordan also wanted to see the Iwo Jima Memorial


We had contacted our State Representative back in January requesting White House tour tickets……..and, just before we left, we got them

b1   wh3   wh11

We also went to the zoo, the Library of Congress, the Air and Space  Museum (Dulles annex) and had a picnic at Great Falls National Park

DSCN1939  DSCN1941  DSCN1998  DSCN2000  DSCN2011  DSCN2008  DSCN1951  DSCN1958DSCN1954

The boys patiently waiting for the Metro


Cooling their feet       DSCN1972

All and all we had a great time and it all would not have been possible without our wonderful tour guides…….my brother, Danny, and my sister-in-law, Dee Dee……..thank you guys so very much………we love you.

Since we have been back, it has been a lot of doctor appointments for Jim……he went to the orthopedic surgeon about his knees and he will be having some minor surgery done….basically they will be re-positioning his knee caps which should help him getting up and down steps.  One of his pre-surgery tests was a nerve test which indicates that he does have polyneuropathy which we have since discovered is the cause of the tingling and numbness in his feet.  He will have to go to a neurologist to see if there are any meds that might help him.  He is going to go and get another opinion on his spinal stenosis.  And, right now he is on his way to Washington state for new hearing aids!!!!  Maybe when all this medical “stuff” is over I’ll have a brand new husband??!!

So, I think that just about bring us up to date……

Take care and love to all…….