Monday, December 26, 2011

Mittry Lake


We moved today from Sidewinder road to an area called Mittry lake. There will be a number of “boomers” here for New Years and will give us a chance to catch up with some old friends.

Our location is (N32.81573 W114.47434). If you type those co-ordinates into google it will show you our location. On google maps satellite view they actually have a motorhome sitting where we are sitting now… can pan the camera around and see the area.

Here is a link to the fish and wildlife site for Mittry

Here are a few pictures I took after we got here. The first two are our view out our back window. We can sit on the edge of the hill and look out onto the lake. Way off in the distance, probably several miles are a bunch of RV’s sitting in what we believe is called “senator’s wash”

Mittry lake 2011 new years 001Mittry lake 2011 new years 004Mittry lake 2011 new years 005Mittry lake 2011 new years 006

Hope that you had a very wonderful Christmas and the new year lives up to your hopes and dreams.

Our love to you, our dear friends.

Jim and Linda

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Off of Sidewinder road

Merry Christmas to all of you
May God bless you and make you happy.
We are still out on Sidewinder road (N32.81536 W114.82092).
We go into Yuma more than we should (40 mile round trip), but we get bored, or need propane or gas for the generator, or some other excuse. It is about a 18 mile round trip to get water and I normally have to do that at least twice every two weeks. We go about every two weeks to dump our holding tanks which costs $15. Here a a few pictures of us and the Chapmans side by side and othrs about 50 yards away and still others about 1/2 mile away
As available moneys get to be less, we have been looking for work. Bobbie has been checking into doing gate keeping for oil rigs in the San Antonio, Texas area. She finally got us hooked up with the right person and we, us and the Chapmans, are waiting for info. packets to fill out applications. We will have to go to the police dept. to get fingerprinted and take a simple test and they will do a background check on us.
That was also done at Amazon, so will be no problem..
With gate keeping you keep track of all vehicles and people entering or leaving the oil rig area. It is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week job and you are on a job until the rig is finished. Sometimes they do move to another area, but you move with them.
They provide a 15kw generator, water and sewage disposal, and we would be paid $125 dollars a (for both of us) One person normally works days and the other nights. We are hoping to head down into Texas sometime the end of January. I have a skin cancer on my nose and am waiting for an appointment to see a plastic surgeon for a consultation (Jan 10) and than an appointment to have it removed. After that we could move on.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year and the Good Lord brings you something good.
Love to all of you
Jim and Linda

Friday, December 9, 2011

todays sunset

here is a picture of todays sunset. Because we are in the dessert and can see a very, very long ways….this was our sunset today.

sunset 002

Now if you are in the midwest, I am sure you did not see this sunset…..maybe you saw a reflection of something off of the snow….sorry, just had to do that.

I have been pretty good lately.

love ya


tarantula and early moon

Yesterday we saw our first wildlife in the dessert…..a tarantula. Aparently a young one as it was not very fuzzy and only about 3 1/2 inches long.

tarantula and moon 003tarantula and moon 002

This afternoon/evening about 5:20 we looked out and saw the moon rising. Pretty cool sight.

tarantula and moon 006tarantula and moon 004

Jim C. made a prime rib dinner for today. A late birthday dinner. Jim always does a wonderful job charcoal grilling. He is very patient, and really enjoys doing it.

That’s it for today.

love to ya

Jim and Linda

An early Birthday/Christmas present

Over the last couple of years Linda and I have been talking about a computer device to carry in the truck.

Back a few years ago I made a stand for our 14 inch laptop that swiveled and tilted, but it interfered with the radio and AC controls, plus the dogs sitting area. So I removed it.

We talked about a small, 10 inch computer or a tablet but with our old air card that did not allow us access to the internet. When we got the new Verizon 4510L MIFI device we have a WiFi hot spot. So that opened doors to different things.

The other day we bought an ACER ICONIA TABLET MODEL A500 which works on wifi. Both of us liked the idea of the “apps” that are available on the smart phones and tablets and that is why we went with the tablet vs the small computer.

So far we like it, and are going thru the learning curve.

So, happy birthday Linda (Dec. 24th) and merry Christmas to us

love to ya all

Jim and Linda

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Slabs

First I want to tell you that we purchased a new broadband device. Our previous one was an air card that plugged into the computer and we were only able to use the one computer. The other day we upgraded to a new 4G/3G MiFi device from Verizon, 4510L. It gives us a hot spot on which we can use up to 5 different devices(computer, smart phones, I-pads, etc). We will use it for both of our computers. When (or if) we are in an area that has 4G service we can connect at 4G speed, but for us most of the time it will be at 3G speed. It does not seem to slow down the speed when both computers are in use.


From the time we got on the road full time, we have heard about “the slabs”. Lots of different stories ranging from free RV camping to homeless people to society drop outs. Some who have been there said they would not stay there or go back because it was too dangerous.

A friend of ours, Marty, who stayed here at Sidewinder with the four of us over Thanksgiving has stayed at the SLABS several times and he left the other day to stay there again. So, Jim, Bobbie and us decided to take a day trip to see the slabs and drove over there yesterday. It is about a 200 mile round trip and Marty acted as our tour guide.

The first thing you see is Salvation Mountain, which was created by one man over many years and some 10000 gallons of paint, plus straw and earth which make adobe.

The slabs 009The slabs 011The slabs 016

This is the link to Picasa. Check out the rest of the pictures there.



It was an interesting visit and we saw some strange looking people; kids with dreadlocks and wearing dirty clothes, to a woman riding nude on the back of a motorcycle, to high end motorhomes. The slabs is divided up into different areas and also has a church, nightclubThe slabs 061The slabs 060

a pirate radio station, an old clothing exchange, which is a pile of clothes up on one of the slabs.

Here is another link. If you want to look up “the slabs” you will find lots of stuff.

I will try and go back and update you from Florence, Oregon to Sidewinder road……soon

see ya

love ya

Jim and Linda