Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picnic on the Gulf

Today we all went on a picnic. Took some pop and water in the cooler and stopped at Subway for sandwiches. Than went to the state park on the gulf at Ocean Springs, MS.

Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 004Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 006way in the background you can see the bridge from Ocean Springs to Biloxi, MS. The old bridge was destroyed by Katrina and rebuilt.

Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 011

After lunch we walked out on the pier into the gulf and enjoyed the sun and warm (68) temperature.

Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 013Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 015

Here is a picture of a typical gulf coast house, built up on stilts to protect if from storm surge. Also a few shots of the live oak trees as they hang over the road and some shrimp boats

Hope you enjoy

Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 021Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 022Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 023Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 024

The next few were taken along the road going into the campground….beautiful place,

Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 027Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 028Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 029Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 030

Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 033Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 035Picnic in Oceans Springs, MS 037

Wednesday we move on the New Orleans area and our favorite state park in Louisiana, Bayou Signette. Will spend 4 nights here before moving on west towards Betty’s for mardi gras.

love to you, each and every one

Jim and Linda

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pizza, movie and pajama party

Sometime Thursday, or Thursday afternoon when we tried to make a fire for our happy hour the movie thing came up. And kind of grew….you know how those things go, one person says something, and that prompts another idea….and so on.

Thursday’s campfire was really crazy. It’s amazing how six people can laugh so much. We were very loud and everyone had tears in their eyes… the campground host came by twice and the ranger once…we thought we were going to get thrown out.

Anyway, I digress. The decision was made to have a movie night with popcorn, pizza and of course drinks. While they were shopping the three women decided it would also be a pajama party and they bought matching pj’s.

movie night 017 movie night 019 

We have a blow up mattress for when we have sleep over company and we got that out and the ladies laid on that for the movies.

movie night 022  movie night 025

The first movie started about 3pm and after it was over everyone made a pizza and came back.

movie night 016

They were all good and everyone settled down for the second movie, Robin Hood with Russell Crowe. It was a good  movie and I understand historically correct as how Robin Hood’s legend started.

After the movie was over everyone but Linda got off of the blow up bed and we pulled the plug. Poor Linda had a great time trying to get off of the quickly deflating bed

movie night 026 movie night 027

It was another crazy moment….who says older people can’t have fun!!!!

We can only hope you are having as much fun as we are…..can’t wait to get to Betty’s rv park for Mardi Gras…….oh my, what fun we will have there.

love you guys

Jim and Linda

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gulf Island National Seashore (Davis Bayou)

Hi dear friends

We moved yesterday, all of 12 miles west.

We are now at Davis Bayou campground

We get the senior rate of $8 a night and will stay here for two weeks. Very quiet in the campground even thought we are just off of US90 in Ocean Spring, MS.

We will get around and get some pictures for you soon.

Have a great day

love to ya

Jim and Linda

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Summerdale, Alabama and beyond

Looking back I see that we have not update for a while.

We moved on to Summerdale, Alabama to the Escapee park.

We would be Jim and Linda, and Jim and Bobbi. We were joined a few days later by Rich and Terri Deacon, who are old friends of Jim and Bobbi, and new friends to us, who we met in Campbellsville. The three couples of us will be traveling together for the next few months. We had a nice new year dinner. Jim fixed a standing rib roast that was superb and we had all the side dishes as well naval air museum 002 naval air museum 003 naval air museum 004 This last picture is of Rich, Terri, and Linda

Linda and I have been fighting with the flu that is going around. Mine started back in Campbellsville and Linda caught it from me. As of today, January 13th we are still fighting it. Linda had a major coughing spell about 3am this morning, and I still have the cough and a scratchy throat.

While at the SKP park I called Camping World rv store and asked about why I was blowing fuses on my bedroom slide. They told me that the motor might be going bad and to do a continuity check. I did and it checked bad. Went to the store and worked with their service people to order a new motor, which also included the gearbox using our extended warranty. It took 10 days to get in and we  had to take the trailer in to have the new motor installed per the extended warranty company. While it was in, they discovered that the motor was good, but the circuit board/dead stop relay was bad and that was why I was blowing fuses.

After much discussion, a new board was ordered, the old motor put back in and I bought a supply of fuses. The new board will be in in about a week and we will have to drive back the 75 miles to have it put in.

We were moving to a new location anyway so we just kept moving.

We are now at Shepard state park in Gautier, Mississippi and will be here for a week before moving on to another state park. Mississippi offers a $5 discount to seniors so two out of three of us will pay $13 a night. We hope to do some exploring while here and also to find some fresh seafood, after all we are on the Gulf of Mexico.

While at the SKP park in Summerdale, we visited the USS Alabama memorial park, and toured the battleship plus a WWII sub. I also  did some work on the Chapman’s trailer….check out their blog to see that and other highlights of our stay. The link is on the right side…Chappy trails.

naval air museum 007 naval air museum 009 naval air museum 010 The last two pictures are in the sub.

We are all sick and tired of the cold weather, but at least we will have a little sun for the next few days. But the nights will be down in the 20’s.

Drop us a line once in a while.

Love to all

Jim and Linda