Monday, September 10, 2012

Shattered rear window

While we were in Virginia for the big party (more about that later), my brother called me with a very distraught sound in his voice. He told me that while he was mowing the lawn, he had to stop and refuel. He heard a loud noise and started looking around and looked at the rear window of the trailer. It was shattering into millions of pieces...and I do mean millions. He thought that a rock may have hit the window....
After many phone calls and much worry they finally located someone who thought he could replace the window. Tom covered the opening with some plastic that he taped in place.
Yoder Auto Glass of Goshen Indiana showed up this morning and removed the outer frame and what was left of the glass and will order new tempered, tinted glass. It will take until next Thursday to get the glass and they will come right out and install it.

the top picture shows thousands of little pieces sitting on the window sill. The bottom picture is what it looked like when we got home. you can click on a picture to enlarge it.
Have a great day
love to ya all
Jim and Linda