Tuesday, January 27, 2015




We were going to leave Saturday morning and head down to the gate guard yard….but, after closing everything up and hooking up to the truck, I did my last walk around and discovered that the satellite dish had not stowed.  So, we plugged back into the electric and tried again…..no luck.  We were getting an error message and the dish would not stow.  Okay…..unhooked from the truck and set everything back up…..we were going to stay here are the RV facility until Monday morning when we would be able to get a hold of someone at Winegard (the manufacturer of the dish) and see what the problem was!  We contacted our gate guard company and told them that we would not be down as thought and that we would give them a call Monday morning.

Monday morning Jim got a hold of Winegard and they were able to talk him through all the steps required to reset the dish and get it to stow……problem solved.  Contacted the gate guard company and…..guess what….the lot was now full.  Okay……Linda is now in melt-down mode……..    Decision made…..forget the gate guarding for this season and head back to our lot in Hondo until it is time to leave for the summer.

We are now sitting on our lot in Hondo and glad to be home.  January was not a good month for us but we are planning on enjoying the rest of the winter here in Hondo.

Take care and love to all……


Linda and Jim

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